The Mafia Used Hired Killers to Silence Workers 
Wells Fargo Uses Corrupted Police, Prosecutors, and Jails
Wells Fargo / Ogletree Deakins (employment attorney)
Guilty of Employee Kidnapping and Racketeering - RICO
Proven Beyond Doubt with Police Audio, Video, & Reports
The method... the structure.... can be used against any of us.
Kidnapping 1 - Click:  Police Audio & Reports - Hear and See Company Arranging Arrest
Kidnapping 2 - July 25, 2013 - Police Reports and Court Filings -  I spoke out against Kidnapping 1 per First Amendment obligations  which require the citizen to speak rightfully, honestly, and with evidence.  7.18.13, Police come to my home, this time about FAXES to Ogletree Deakins in Portland, OR.  They illegally told me not to send any more.  I accidentally sent ONE more on 7.22.13 among thousands sent using automated methods.  On 7.25.13 was arrested and jailed on TEN identical stalking charges.   Against Oregon law, there was no stalking protective order.  Corporations cannot be stalked. Bail totalled $600,000 and I had to wear an ankle bracelet while trial was endlessly delayed.   All faxes and all police/court material are contained within the FBI filing, all conform to Oregon free speech law State of Oregon v. Ryan and State v. Rangel (definitive cases). CLICK  WHITE AREA WITHIN EACH GRID TO LINK TO THE RELATED .PDF  Manufactured Evidence.  Manufactured Crime.  Deliberate, Fraudulent use of 10 charges to CAUSE the Risk Assessment Tool in Lane Co. to REQUIRE JAIL.  Malicious RICO-Driven Police/Prosecutor Conduct.  It is "Old School" RICO / 42 USC 1983.  Getting and sharing what they did is new and unique in Court.
Click for PDF, Labor "Court" - a National Disgrace and a Gross Insult to the American Worker.  Back in the USSR only lacking any brain at all.  There is no more manipulated, wrongful process on Planet Earth than a Department of Labor/OSHA Retaliation Complaint.  Large numbers of attorneys support each other with that joke and blight upon the American Public.  What a waste is DOL/OSHA.  They collected water cooler gossip and LONG AFTER EMPLOYMENT TO THEIR ATTORNEY emo-faxes to negate job specific banking business truth they do not understand.

Click for PDF, company email where manager writes "stop whining" to honest business issues.

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Unbeatable Legal Standards:
Classic Criminal Gangland RICO

Wells Fargo Mob-Style Kidnapping by
Corrupted, Lied-to Police & Prosecutor.
DOJ Criminal RICO Guide  subject to....
DOJ Civil RICO Guide
Case Presentation Site6:14-cv-01103-TC  Civil Racketeering Lawsuit    
Wells Fargo Employee Kidnapping & Racketeering.
The most pure, best evidenced civil RICO case in history.
I was a lowest-level worker at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage here in Eugene, OR for the last two of my 30 year    career.  Dodd-Frank technical changes caused the Wells Fargo retail interest rate to be glaringly 1/4% higher than affiliates and other mortgage lenders, thus  impossible to honestly 'sell' to people. We were classified as 'external salespeople' and had to 'fraud' a system each week to support the classification.  I reported it internally and when ignored, I walked the 150 pages of evidence into local FBI.
Andy Clark  541.510.3915
3270 Stoney Ridge Rd.  97405

Click: Typed Audio Transcript

Click: Typed Audio Transcript
Real. In HQ Part was taken from mostly empty 1 hr long audio police accidentally made
Bored Child-Guard Does as Ordered by Well Fargo et al
Click: Typed Audio Transcript
07.29.11 above SWAT Car vid.
Click here for Transcript
Click here for Transcript
Click here for Transcript
A Few Supporting Exhibits
Click White Areas Below for the Document
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Click: Email Police Came For
Worked in a Mortgage Office NOT in/for Wells Fargo Bank.
Falsified 911 Call claimed bank threat, did not work in a bank
Click Picture audio 07.28.11
JAIL "Hearing".  After Days   
in Cell Pictured THIS is a
Hearing in Lane Co, OR
then Back to the Jail Cell   
Most People Charged with 10 Misdemeanors could not get out (no $200K). Here is the Prelim
"Hearing" people wait for. Mine near middle. No Transcript.
Hear Me Trying to Get Judge to Let me out of Ankle Bracelet. Orwellian
1st Min is someone else.
Jailed Again IN COURT
and Put Back in Jail
Day of Demurrer Hearing
Click Pictures for Audio
Click picture 11.05.13  v
Next Day after another
Night in Jail until $400,000
Additional Bail Posted. In Jail
Clothes and Chains.
Click picture11.06.13
After 6 months in Ankle
Bracelet and no sign of intelligent life or a Jury Trial date, I was
Click picture 01.09.14
Click here for Transcript
Click Picture7.29.13   ^
Jail Court Audio Recording
Click Picture  9.16.13
The Long Awaited 35 day
Call Hearing
Click Picture  10.15.13 ORWELLIAN Ankle Bracelet Hearing 1st MINUTE IS
SOMEONE ELSE !!!! !!! 
Click here for Transcript
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The Eugene Blair Project
A Metaphor for How Progress is Made
I Won't Back Down - Johnny Cash
Wells Fargo Nuclear War Version
Real.  City of Eugene Oregon Police Car Vid.
I am handcuffed after evening SWAT 'arrest'
called in by Wells Fargo/Ogletree Deakins
June 7,2019:  9th Circuit Court of Appeals
Judicial Signature Fraud - I reported first to Director Secret Service due to banking system mandates.  Then it was filed in Court.   Wake Up Wells Fargo
FRAP 2    Motion transmitting evidence of the crime..
FRAP 48 Motion to Appoint Special Master
(to maximize progress).
FRCP 60(d)(3)  Motion to Rule for Fraud Upon Court (best Rule 60 ever written).
Police Audio in my Home Setting It Up
1 hour later, I met police in front of HQ and complained. OOPS...forgot to turn off microphone and went back to HQ.  Shocking. is an evidence repository with little added emo art.  Other sites have added emo art (coping art made at time).  Family Court;
Legal humor site: