371 Seyfarth Fax #
961 Seyfarth Email
FBI Reported 12.6.14
Many Different FBI Offices

Seyfarth Shaw (Wells Fargo Attorney),
Corporate Employment Attorneys, and
Very High Ranking Government Officials
are on the Names List on the...
E-mail Revealing Catholic Social
Intercourse On Children- 
  Related Cult Promulgation
During Working Hours
Warning: Click This .pdf Link to Smell
Seyfarth Shaw /Ogletree Deakins
Wells Fargo Religious Corruption of Government Mailed to my Home

Our Government at "Work"
Fortunately, I created Art for All Occasions.  Elise Reiser at Wells Fargo HR is Jesuit.  I put big time Jesuit issues in court in 06248.ho and of course... the Sordid Matters of the Referral to Peggy Burns, MFT then on Wells Fargo tab in San Francisco... she is a conservative Christian and I was referred to her by Elise Reiser AFTER complaining that I felt like it was Crystal Night and I was on a Wells Fargo Stagecoach to be 'burned'.   Ghastly coincidence, all reported in detail and it was WITHIN THE BUSINESS EMAIL that cops first came to my house about:  Email to Minneapolis given to City SWAT Teams

I own a home in Argentina and I have been there several times but not in the last 3 years.  When I was there 4 years ago... I happened to cross paths sort of with Jimmy Carter's group and this guy named "Douglas Tompkins" from San Diego buying up water-land in Correntes, near my home in Resistencia.....
But I digress.....  :)

I am not big on the "Roman" aspect of Catholic.  I am Pre-Roman Catholic but that is implied in my opening note in the video creation.  So Catholics on the list above (referring to the email :) )... I am saying nothing that Pope Francis would not agree with don't you think?

May just be i have Help, how would i know?  
The Unsavory Story of
Seyfarth Shaw Attorney Peter Urias
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CLICK email police came to my HOME for in 2011 that started it all:
CLICK to hear 2 large, armed cops in my HOME issuing me no-email warnings. LISTEN to it !
CLICK to meet me in the SWAT Police a/v
CLICK to hear the cops setting that up with Martin Ogno of Wells Fargo
CLICK to read police report page where Wells Fargo claimed I threated to rape my bosses
CLICK to hear and see MUCH MORE Criminal RICO, 18 USC 1519 violations, Hobbs Act violaitons, corruption of courts and government and in all that.... here it is connected it back to the ethnic issues and FBI corruption and the nearly certain guardian removal phoned in by Ogletree.  
THIS is a way Catholics solve problems:  www.TheEugeneBlairProject.com  "we make nice for all"
Hear Audio of Police in my home and at their
HQ conspiring/fabricating SWAT jailing on
www.RisePatriot.com     I won't back down.
Can you attorneys just go to Wells Fargo (or your own E&O insurers) with Truth and let us all 'make nice' for that is what is Right and Rightful?  Thank U  !   www.RisePatriot.com    backed up: www.osunrise.com)  (Click Anywhere on Video to Stop / Start)
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Employment Attorney Office/Court Activity
Attorneys:  Your Systems Are Porous and Easily Mined.  The below 'Big Link' email LOOKS like a possible "Spear Phishing Attack" when all odd facts are considered (USACAN and the Re-direct of Judge Bolanos, click big link below).  Your email systems most probably can store passwords of your CLIENTS systems from what I experienced with Ogletree Deakins.
REAL SWAT Police Car A/V after Night Arrest at Home.  How would YOU do after
SWAT Arrest with Canine Support and Jailing...for dismissed 2nd degree municipal trespass falsely called in by Wells Fargo the DAY BEFORE (dispatch audio posted)
Never had a website until I got out of jail.  Had to learn fast.